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Make life rosey with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink quartz crystal that is often used for Healing & Love...

After years of working with it, I find the best use is to help teach us to "love yourself first". As with all empaths & spiritual beings we tend to give more than we hold for ourselves. This can cause you to feel "empty" or "depleted" of energy, & sometimes not loved. Showing love begins with the self. You also need time for "me", this allows you to recharge so that you may continue to help others on their journey. When you hold it- you can feel that this particular one is a very calming & soothing stone. Some of the ways you can use it may be to hold it while meditating, wear it in jewelry, put in a pocket or medicine bag or simply place it on a table where you sit for a great reminder. As with all crystals & gemstones make sure you cleanse them regularly. For inside your home, you may also refer to "feng shui" for correct placement for best results.


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